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Sunday, June 24, 2018
Hoosier/Sunoco/Corr-Pak SBS Driver Standings  FINAL
113Russ Brown1279    
274Mike Bond1248**   
398Jason Simmons1230*   
493Jay Andrews1214*   
5O4Kreig Heroth1201    
647Jon Tesoriero 1179    
718Andrew Schartner1174*   
8O1Dalton Doyle1166**   
92Rob Pullen1163    
109Jack Patrick1162*   
1114Jeremy Pitcher (R)1141*   
1224A.J. Bernys1115*   
131Anthony Losurdo (R)1079    
1422Mike Bruce     1077    
1557Dan Abt (R)1054*   
1677Cameron Rowe1006    
1717Tim Gareau943    
1899Dennis Rupert871    
1990Greg O'Connor (R)870    
2076Scott Shafer (R)834    
218Josh Kerr832    
223Chris Proud626    
2367Mark Castiglia573**   
2444Zach Amo (R)550    
256Brian Sobus516    
26O7Justin Connell433    
2719Nate Noto (R)397    
2827David LaTulip344    
2967Dave Cliff311*   
3086Bryan Haynes303    
3132Scott Black (R)199    
3228Stan Gates143    
33O7Rob Humphries136    
3437Barry Kingsley67    
3532Cameron Black57    
3688Will Hadcock56    
3717Brad Haynes55    
3867Tim Barbeau45    
3910Josh Blackwell (R)43    
4019Andy Noto40    
  Butler Disposal Systems ROOKIE OF THE YEAR    
 14Jeremy Pitcher1141    
 1Anthony Losurdo1079    
 57Dan Abt1054    
 76Scott Shafer834    
 90Greg O'Connor870    
 44Zach Amo550    
 19Nate Noto397    
 32Scott Black199    
 O7Rob Humphries136    
 10 Josh Blackwell43    
 Whites Car Care "4th Place" Award    
 47Jon Tesoriero5/4/2013    
 74Mike Bond5/11/2013    
 13Russ Brown5/25/2013    
 47Jon Tesoriero6/8/2013    
 74Mike Bond6/1/2013    
 O4Kreig Heroth6/15/2013    
 13Russ Brown6/29/2013    
 98Jason Simmons7/6/2013    
 24AJ Bernys7/13/2013    
 2Rob Pullen7/21/2013    
 14Jeremy Pitcher8/3/2013    
 13Russ Brown8/10/2013    
 13Russ Brown8/17/2013    
 1Anthony Losurdo9/14/2013    
 Nice Price Auto Sales "Up and Comer Award"   
 47 Jon Tesoriero5/4/2013    
 98Jason Simmons5/11/2013    
 98Jason Simmons5/25/2013    
 O1Dalton Doyle6/8/2013    
 22Mike Bruce6/1/2013    
 22MIke Bruce6/15/2013    
 57Danny Abt6/29/2013    
 14Jeremy Pitcher7/6/2013    
 57Danny Abt7/13/2013    
 1Anthony Losurdo7/21/2013    
 57Danny Abt8/3/2013    
 1Anthony Losurdo8/10/2013    
 47Jon Tesoriero8/17/2013    
 47Jon Tesoriero9/14/2013    
 D&S Landscaping "Hard Charger Award"    
 9 Jack Patrick5/4/2013    
 14Jeremy Pitcher5/11/2013    
 14Jeremy Pitcher5/25/2013    
 13Russ Brown6/8/2013    
 2Rob Pullen6/1/2013    
 O1Dalton Doyle6/15/2013    
 O4Kreig Heroth6/29/2013    
 9Jack Patrick7/6/2013    
 17Tim Gareau7/13/2013    
 24AJ Bernys7/21/2013    
 47Jon Tesoriero8/3/2013    
 74Mike Bond8/10/2013    
 24AJ Bernys8/17/2013    
 O1Dalton Doyle9/14/2013    
 Sherwood Racing Wheels Lap Leader"    
 2Rob Pullen5/4/2013    
 67Mark Castiglia5/11/2013    
 98Jason Simmons5/25/2013    
 O1Dalton Doyle6/8/2013    
 O1Dalton Doyle6/1/2013    
 67Mark Castiglia6/15/2013    
 74Mike Bond6/29/2013    
 14Jeremy Pitcher7/6/2013    
 93JJ Andrews7/13/2013    
 18Andrew Schartner7/21/2013    
 57Danny Abt8/3/2013    
 O1Dalton Doyle8/10/2013    
 74Mike Bond8/17/2013    
 67Dave Cliff9/14/2013    
 Pathfinder Bank SBS Top 5 Finishes      
 13Russ Brown9    
 74Mike Bond6    
 2Rob Pullen5    
 93JJ Andrews5    
 47Jon Tesoriero5    
 98Jason Simmons4    
 18Andrew Schartner4    
 O1Dalton Doyle4    
 77Cameron Rowe3    
 22Mike Bruce3    
 14Jeremy Pitcher3    
 O4Kreig Heroth3    
 9Jack Patrick3    
 1Anthony Losurdo3    
 67Mark Castiglia2    
 24AJ Bernys2    
 57Danny Abt2    
 3Chris Proud1    
 6Brian Sobus1    
 86Bryan Haynes1    
 67Dave Cliff1    
 Pathfinder Bank SBS Top 10 Finishes      
 13Russ Brown11    
 O4Kreig Heroth11    
 98Jason Simmons10    
 74Mike Bond10    
 93JJ Andrews9    
 9Jack Patrick9    
 47Jon Tesoriero9    
 14Jeremy Pitcher9    
 18Andrew Schartner8    
 24AJ Bernys7    
 2Rob Pullen7    
 O1Dalton Doyle6    
 77Cameron Rowe6    
 17Tim Gareau5    
 22Mike Bruce4    
 1Anthony Losurdo4    
 57Danny Abt3    
 3Chris Proud3    
 6Brian Sobus3    
 67Mark Castiglia2    
 76Scott Shafer1    
 27David LaTulip1    
 86Bryan Haynes1    
 67Dave Cliff1    
 Shell Shock Custom Helmet Paint Heat Race Challenge      
 74Mike Bond4    
 9Jack Patrick4    
 2Rob Pullen3    
 O1Dalton Doyle3    
 O4Kreig Heroth3    
 13Russ Brown3    
 17Tim Gareau2    
 67Mark Castiglia2    
 77Cameron Rowe2    
 14Jeremy Pitcher2    
 18Andrew Schartner2    
 1Anthony Losurdo2    
 22Mike Bruce2    
 47Jon Tesoriero2    
 98Jason Simmons1    
 3Chris Proud1    
 57Danny Abt1    
 93JJ Andrews1    
 6Brian Sobus1    
 8Josh Kerr1    


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