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Sunday, June 24, 2018
310Josh LaRochelle (2)953
104Mark Regan861
950Tim Barbeau (1)870
113Russ Brown (1)1,022
1385Cameron Rowe797
218Dave Gruel (1)965
1578Guard Nearbin733
1893JJ Andrews699
779Brian Sobus (1)882
1768Shawn Walker700
690Mike Bond899
596Lou LeVea (1)904
119Jack Patrick (P)837
2225Mike Barnes(P)(1)543
1638Larry Muroski ®702
894Kevin Knopp872
43Chris Proud (2)934
3044John Moore ®308
311Ray Sand Jr. ®283
207Bill Moore587
2552David Danzer (P)455
2123Barry Kingsley ®586
122Rob Pullen832
2967Ken Pierce ®314
1960Alan Barker ®625
3306Dave Cliff250
4032Pat Mullen66
4209Sam Bradford61
3222Ray Smith ®261
1414Doug Reaume735
2601Shannon Jones ®444
2870Mike Farrow ®379
2733Chris Natoli441
2411John Ketcham472
2382Star Matteson531
3728Zach Catalone131
3529Ryan Coleman175
3692Ralph Giberson142
3440Ed Watson177
4128Stan Gates 64
3846Chris Lupa109
3991Jason Simmons ®88
4302Russ Bartlett44
4495Mike O'Connor43
4525Rick Ziegler ®40

Cooks Jewelers Limited Supermodified Heat Race Challenge
13Chris Proud5
296Lou LeVea4
379Brian Sobus3
50Tim Barbeau3
14Doug Reaume3
9Jack Patrick3
13Russ Brown3
825Mike Barnes2
4Mark Regan2
60Alan Barker2
1190Mike Bond1
10Josh LaRochelle1
2Rob Pullen1
18Dave Gruel1
Bob Andrews Motor Sales Limited Supermodified Up & Comer
7-May10Josh LaRochelle1st
27-May70Alan Barker12th
17-Jun50Tim Barbeau3rd
24-Jun79Brian Sobus1st
1-Jul50Tim Barbeau4th
8-Jul38Larry Muroski9th
15-Jul85Cameron Rowe7th
5-Aug85Cameron Rowe10th
12-Aug50Tim Barbeau1st
26-Aug60Alan Barker5th
Cutro Inspections Limited Supermodified Hard Charger Award
Date##DriverPos. Advanced
7-May13Russ Brown9 (13th to 4th)
27-May18Dave Gruel15 (21st to 6th)
17-Jun52David Danzer12 (26th to 14th)
24-Jun25Mike Barnes15 (25th to 10th)
1-Jul60Alan Barker13 (25th to 12th)
8-Jul38Larry Muroski11 (20th to 9th)
15-Jul14Doug Reaume11 (22nd to 11th)
5-Aug90Mike Bond15 (16th to 2nd)
12-Aug90Mike Bond10 (21st to 11th)
26-Aug13Russ Brown9 (10th to 1st)
Butler Disposal Limited Supermodified Hard Luck Award
Date##DriverPos. Lost
17-Jun18Dave Gruel17 (8th to 25th)
24-Jun96Lou LeVea21 (4th to 25th)
1-Jul93JJ Andrews14 (1st to 15th)
8-Jul60Alan Barker24 (1st to 25th)
15-Jul3Chris Proud12 (9th to 21st)
5-Aug68Shawn Walker15 (1st to 16th)
12-Aug7Bill Moore10 (14th to 24th)
26-Aug79Brian Sobus10 (5th to 15th)
Maid Pro Limited Supermodified Clean Sweep Award
7-May10Josh LaRochelle$56
27-May3Chris Proud $56
24-Jun79Brian Sobus$112
1-Jul96Lou LeVea$56
5-Aug3Chris Proud $168
12-Aug50Tim Barbeau$56
26-Aug13Russ Brown$56
White's Car Care Limited Supermodified 4th Place Finisher
7-May50Tim Barbeau
27-May10Josh LaRochelle
17-Jun94Kevin Knopp
24-Jun2Rob Pullen
1-Jul50Tim Barbeau
8-Jul13Russ Brown
15-Jul96Lou LeVea
5-Aug93JJ Andrews
12-Aug13Russ Brown
26-Aug18Dave Gruel

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