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Thursday, May 24, 2018
Hoosier/Sunoco/Corr-Pak Supermodified Driver Standings  FINAL
17Otto Sitterly1037****   
2OOJoe Gosek1024    
326Shaun Gosselin998**   
450David Gruel977*   
522Pat Lavery973*   
652Dave Danzer958*   
799Michael Barnes925    
851Michael Muldoon915    
9O1Dan Connors Jr.882    
10O2Brandon Bellinger871    
110Tim Snyder784    
1224Jerry Curran778    
135Tim Devendorf763    
143Brian Sweeney752    
15O7Tony Steiner (R)734    
1623Clayton Brewer III (R)705    
1766Lou Levea Sr.687    
1883Lou Levea Jr631    
1956Hal LaTulip612    
2021Kody Graham487*   
2155Keith Shampine443    
22O6Dave Cliff 397    
2335Jeff Holbrook385    
2460Tim Jedrzejek355    
25O5Jeff Abold325    
2614Joe Chillemi303    
2744Bobby Haynes Jr291    
286Davey Hamilton275*   
2947Bobby Bond253    
3037Jeff Locke207    
3120Joey Payne176    
3237Randy Ritskes141    
3321Ray Graham124    
342DJ Shullick84    
3571Bill Sharkey80    
3698Stephen Gioia III64    
3782Jared Bellinger (R)63    
3871Rob Pullen ®60    
 O7Tony Steiner734    
 23Clayton Brewer III705    
 82Jared Bellinger63    
 71Rob Pullen60    
 Lighthouse Lanes "Hard Charger Award"    
 51Michael Muldoon5/11/2013    
 5Tim Devendorf5/25/2013    
 O1Dan Connors Jr.6/1/2013    
 99Michael Barnes6/15/2013    
 20Michael Muldoon6/29/2013    
 26Shaun Gosselin7/6/2013    
 O7Tony Steiner7/20/2013    
 24Jerry Curran8/3/2013    
 OOJoe Gosek8/10/2013    
 47Bob Bond8/17/2013    
 2Dave Shullick Jr.9/14/2013    
 Lighthouse Lanes "Up and Comer Award"   
 60Tim Jedrzejek5/11/2013    
 51Michael Muldoon5/25/2013    
 22Pat Lavery6/1/2013    
 26Shaun Gosselin6/15/2013    
 5Tim Devendorf6/29/2013    
 26Shaun Gosselin7/6/2013    
 O5Jeff Abold7/20/2013    
 3Brian Sweeney8/3/2013    
 26Shaun Gosselin8/10/2013    
 51Michael Muldoon8/17/2013    
 2Dave Shullick Jr.9/14/2013    
 Shell Shock Custom Helmet Paint Heat Race Challenge   
 O1Dan Connors Jr.5    
 O2Brandon Bellinger5    
 21Kody Graham3    
 99Michael Barnes3    
 22Pat Lavery2    
 5Tim Devendorf2    
 52Dave Danzer2    
 26Shaun Gosselin2    
 6Davey Hamilton1    
 60Tim Jedrzejek1    
 35Jeff Holbrook1    
 7Otto Sitterly1    
 3Brian Sweeney1    
 24Jerry Curran1    
 51Michael Muldoon1    
 OTim Snyder1    
 55Keith Shampine1    
 Novelis Supermodified Top 5 Finishes    
 7Otto Sitterly7    
 26Shaun Gosselin6    
 50Dave Gruel5    
 99Michael Barnes5    
 OOJoe Gosek5    
 22Pat Lavery5    
 52Dave Danzer4    
 6Davey Hamilton2    
 60Tim Jedrzejek2    
 24Jerry Curran2    
 51Michael Muldoon2    
 47Bob Bond2    
 21Kody Graham1    
 5Tim Devendorf1    
 OTim Snyder1    
 O6Dave Cliff1    
 20Joey Payne1    
 O5Jeff Abold1    
 3Brian Sweeney1    
 O1Dan Connors Jr.1    
 Novelis Supermodified Top 10 Finishes    
 OOJoe Gosek10    
 50Dave Gruel8    
 7Otto Sitterly8    
 26Shaun Gosselin8    
 51/20Michael Muldoon7    
 52Dave Danzer7    
 22Pat Lavery7    
 OTim Snyder6    
 O2Brandon Bellinger5    
 99Michael Barnes5    
 35Jeff Holbrook4    
 O1Dan Connors Jr.4    
 24Jerry Curran4    
 5Tim Devendorf3    
 21Kody Graham3    
 60Tim Jedrzejek3    
 6Davey Hamilton2    
 O5Jeff Abold2    
 23Clayton Brewer III2    
 20Joey Payne2    
 44Bobby Haynes2    
 47Bob Bond2    
 37Randy Ritskes1    
 O6Dave Cliff1    
 O7Tony Steiner1    
 3Brian Sweeney1    
 66Lou LeVea Sr.1    
 2Dave Shullick Jr.1    


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