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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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 Contact: Oswego Speedway

Roy Sova, 2-Seat Supermodified Coordinator

315-297-2262 | royso@twcny.rr.com


Oswego Speedway 2-Seat Supermodified Ready for Action


OSWEGO, NY (May 10) - Keith Gilliam, who does most of the driving in the 2-seat Supermodified, said the car felt so good for the Start the Feature ride May 5, “I felt like I wanted to stay out there.”  Of course Keith brought it in on the white flag lap, but said the car is running and handling better than ever.  No wonder, Doug Holmes of Finger Lakes Machine totally rebuilt the engine during the off season, and Keith changed the brakes from inboard to outboard, and replaced the entire cooling system.  The placement of the new cooling system makes the car a little more aerodynamic, and the brakes make it easier to handle going into the corner.  “Not to mention they are so much easier to work on,” said Keith.

The 2-seat Supermodified season started last week when Paul Schartner, SBS driver Andrew Schartner’s uncle, too the first ride of the season when he came out for his 5-laps during the intermission.  Then Michael Dawalga celebrated his birthday with what he called “the best gift his wife has ever given me!”  Michael started the feature in the 2-seat Supermodified. 

Although the Start the Feature rides are sold out for the season, Oswego Speedway 2-seat Supermodified Coordinator Roy Sova says “Pre-practice rides are available every week, and at least one intermission ride is available most weeks.  All rides,” said Sova, include 5 laps under the green.”  In addition to the ride, all riders receive a guided tour of the VIP Tower, get to watch a race from the Sky Deck, get 4 general admission to that’s night races, and receive a gift bag filled with goodies from participating sponsors.  The gift bag this year includes such things as a hat, a couple T-shirts, pens, paper pads, a small tool kit, and a bag of potato chips. 

Over the two years the Oswego Speedway has had the 2-seat Supermodified around 35 people have taken rides, and a number of people have come back to go again.  “Murray Adams, one of the first people to take a ride in the 2-seat Super, is coming back this year,” said Sova, and he’s bringing a friend along to take a ride.”  Last year a family of five came from Texas to take rides, even though they had never even seen a Supermodified race in person.  “This year a gentleman is flying in from California to take a ride the final week of the season,” said Sova.  “He has seen west coast Supers, heard about the 2-seat Supermodified, and called to say he had to Start the Feature,’ according to Sova.

Again this year The Ride with the Legends will be offered Classic Weekend.  Even though the drivers for this year’s event won’t be announced until King of Wings Weekend in July, several people have already booked rides.  “People get shut out of this event every year because only a minimum number of rides is offered,” said Sova, “so these people wanted to make sure they won’t miss the event this year.”  The people who have already purchased rides will be offered first choice of drivers when this year’s field is announced. Over the past two years Pat Abold, Eddie Bellinger, Joe Gosek, Davey Hamilton, Doug Heveron, Dave McKnight, Jamie Moore, Otto Sitterly, and Bentley Warren, all Hall of Fame or sure to be Hall of Fame drivers, have taken people out in the 2-seat Supermodified.

To schedule your ride in the Oswego Speedway 2-seat Supermodified call Roy Sova at (315) 297-2262, or contact him via email at royso@twcny.rr.com. 

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