Thursday, July 18, 2019

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MOORESVILLE, NC (May 12, 2019) - The all-new Inside Groove Supermodified Podcast powered by Indy Performance Composites (IPC Indy) made its debut Friday afternoon to an enthusiastic audience of fans of the most unique and exotic short-track racing division on the planet. 
The show's creator and host, Tom Baker, made his radio debut with the show on Oswego, New York radio station STAR 105.5 FM back in the early 90's, and although the station is no longer carrying local programming, supermodified fans from that time period were happy to see the show come back this week, now with Oswego Speedway Supermodified rookie and PR Director Camden Proud sharing hosting duties with Baker, who welcomes Proud's enthusiasm and passion for the division. 
"Camden's passion for Oswego Speedway and supermodified racing matches mine," said Baker. "His PR experience and involvement with not just Oswego but ISMA as well made him the logical choice to work with.  I have other shows I'm involved with, and I wanted a co-host for this show who would be able to fill the gaps in the latest chapters of the supermodified story as I can on some of the earlier periods like the 70's, 80's and 90's before my work took me out of the area.  The first show was really just for he and I to introduce ourselves, set up the show's purpose and mission and let everybody know what's ahead for the new racing season. We both were humbled at the enthusiasm and compliments we have received from that show."
The show intends to focus as much on the history, stories and personalities of the division's past as on the present, with guests from all periods appearing as the show continues forward.  Inside Groove will also cover the SBS division at Oswego as well as both Oswego and New England-based 350 supers.  
"It will take Camden and me a few shows to get all of the elements in, and of course nobody's actually raced yet, so if fans are patient they'll see an evolving program with varying segments each week, and if the audience number continues to grow, we'll provide more and more content, so everyone's comments, shares and likes are definitely important!" Baker said. 
Indy Performance Composites, owned by Supermodified racer Jeff West, has signed on as a presenting partner of the show, and Skip's Fish Fry of Oswego, owned by supermodified fan Shawn Cathcart, is also on board as well.  
"We are excited and appreciative of the support both IPC Indy and Skip's are giving us," Proud stated. "Tom and I are going to work hard to make this show all it can be. I'm thankful to Tom for the opportunity to co-host it with him as well."
The show is available on demand on the Inside Groove Podcast channel on, and will be shared on the show's Facebook and Twitter pages as well as all of Race Chaser Media's social media pages, Oswego Speedway's social media pages and through various Supermodified groups on Facebook as well. 
"If you "subscribe" to our Soundcloud channel, you'll always know when new content is there before everyone else so you'll never miss out," Baker noted.  "We put it there first before we share it, and we'll have extra content there as the season rolls on."
The link to the first episode can be found here...
Guests on the second episode will include two SBS supermodified drivers who are running Oswego Speedway's new 350 super class this season, 2018 SBS Champion Anthony Losurdo and Barry Kingsley.  
Be sure to follow Inside Groove Podcast on Facebook and Twitter.  
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