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OSWEGO, NY (July 9, 2018) - Seven time speedway champion Otto Sitterly from Canajoharie, N.Y. picked up his first Novelis Supermodified victory since September of 2015 in this past Saturday's 50-lap main event presented by Helena-Agri Enterprises. 


Sitterly mounted his charge to the front of the pack from the tenth starting position while the No. 01 of Dan Connors Jr. and 02 of Brandon Bellinger fired side by side in the front row at the drop of the green flag. 


Fresh off a podium finish one week earlier, Bellinger lead lap 1 from the outside part of the speedway with Connors falling in line for second while fourth starting rookie Tyler Thompson shoot right to the third position. 

Lou LeVea Jr, who turned the fastest lap of his career earlier in the evening, started third and was running fourth at the completion of the first lap. 


Bellinger began to pull away from Connors and Thompson with the lead early on, but the battle behind him was just getting started as Dave Danzer, Aric Iosue, Michael Barnes, and Sitterly put on a clinic dicing it out for spots five, six, seven and eight.


Iosue, who was back in action one week removed from his scary turn three crash, was running rather well, but not quite well enough to hold off Sitterly and Barnes as they made quick work of the No. 11 to take six and seventh, thus dropping Aric back to eighth before the completion of lap 5. 


From right out of the gate, the car on the charge was Sitterly. He had since gone by Shampine, Barnes, Iosue, and Logan Rayvals all within the first three laps to grab sixth. 


Next in line was fifth running Dave Danzer on lap 4. Sitterly was glued to the outside lane of the speedway and bypassed the No. 52 to advance five spots in less than five laps and crack the top five, now setting his sights on LeVea Jr, Thompson, Connors, and Bellinger. 


No sooner than Sitterly got into the top five, did he find a podium spot as well. In the same exact corner using the same exact move he made all five of his passes with so far, Otto soared to the outside of both LeVea Jr. and Thompson coming to complete lap 6 and took away the third position. 


Bellinger had since developed quite the lead over Connors in second, who now was forced to hold off the No. 7 of Sitterly and that did not go over well for Connors as Sitterly again used the outside of turns three and four to hurry into the runner up position on lap 10. 


Meanwhile, following Sitterly right up through the field on the highside of the speedway using nearly the exact same moves was the No. 68 of Barnes. 'The Hustler' was up to fourth after startight eighth just as Sitterly had taken second.


Dave Shullick Jr. was also on the charge from twelfth, getting up to seventh by the time the first fifth of the race was in the books. 


Barnes had eventually worked around the No. 01 of Connors for third on lap 13, but Sitterly was long gone as was the Bellinger No. 02 who had nearly a full straightaway lead ahead of Sitterly early on. 


As Bellinger, Sitterly and Barnes pulled away to deal with lapped traffic, the battle for the moment was between Connors, Thompson, and Shullick for fourth, fifth, and sixth. 


By lap 18 however, Sitterly was all over the rear end of the No. 02. Sitterly tried to use the high side on Bellinger for about six laps, but this time his signature move was not working for the race lead.


Instead, Bellinger finally got loose off the exit of turn four and that was all Sitterly needed to get a run down low and take the lead on lap 24. 


Three laps after Sitterly got by Bellinger, Barnes tried a similar move, but he did so coming out of turn two. Barnes used the slingshot on Bellinger and took the second position away with 22 laps remaining.


Now, Sitterly and Barnes were gone with Bellinger third, Connors fourth, Thompson fifth, and Shullick sixth as the top six cars worked feverishly to get through the lapped traffic consisting of Lou LeVea Sr, and rookies Nathan Schultzkie and Brent Murray. 


Instead of the field remaining strung out for the final 20 laps, the first Canale Insurance & Accounting yellow flag was thrown on lap 27 for Murray.


Shampine and Murray touched as the No. 55 was coming around to lap the No. 0 with Brent getting into the turn three foam. He was OK, but the Snyder Racing car was finished for the evening. 


During the caution flag, Shampine went pitside to make changes on the Osetek Racing No. 55 while Logan Rayvals was in the pits as well with continuous problems on the No. 94. Schultzkie also retired from the event with mechanical problems on lap 21. 


Almost immediately, Shullick dove right to the inside of the Connors No. 01 to take fourth on the restart. This move came after he cracked the top five with a high side move around the Thompson No. 98T just a few laps earlier. 


Barnes was all over Bellinger for second coming around to complete lap 29, but instead found himself back in fourth as Bellinger pushed wide in turns three and four and took Barnes with him which left the door open for defending track champion Shullick.


Shullick made the most of the open lane and took the runner up spot with 20 laps to go with Barnes finally getting Bellinger for 3rd on lap 30.


Unfortunately, a lap later, yellow lights came on again as the misfortune continued for Iosue Racing this past weekend. One week removed from his hard turn 3 crash, the driver of the No. 11 got into the foam again in nearly the same exact spot. Aric got up into the marbles attempting to pass for ninth and lost the handle on the car, which ended up heavily damaged. 


With 20 laps to go, it was now Nicotra Racing making up the first and second positions and the big question was whether or not Sitterly could hold off the deuce of Shullick for the second half of the race. 


For the next fifteen laps, Sitterly did in fact keep Shullick at bay even through lapped traffic, but this was before the yellow lights came out once more time with just 7 laps to go for debris on the backstretch. 


Of course, the matter on everyone's mind was whether ot not this late race restart would change everything for the No. 7, but this time around, it didn't change much at all as Sitterly held on to win his 38th career Supermodified feature at Oswego. With this victory, Otto also bypassed Greg Furlong for sole possession of sixth on the all-time list.


With the checkered flag in the air, Shullick was still right there to finish second, Barnes was third, Shampine drove to an impressive recovery in fourth, Bellinger held on for fifth, and Connors was sixth. Fine runs were had by Thompson and LeVea in seventh and eighth with Danzer ninth and Sharkey rounding out the top ten. 


It had been nearly three full seasons since Sitterly put one of the Nicotra Racing No. 7 cars in victory lane at Oswego and there was a few people he chose to dedicate his win to in victory lane after quite the reception of cheers from the crowd. 


"It's been awhile since we've been here and I have an awesome group of people, so this win is for every one of the guys that works on these cars," Sitterly said. "They come from all over the state and are really dedicated, but it's for some other people that aren't with us anymore too. It's for Roy Dewhurst. This is the first time I've won since we lost Roy. And also Eddie behind me in the wheelchair. This win is for those guys. Eddie is a winner and he hasn't missed a single race."


There's no doubt that Shullick made Sitterly work for the win; especially in the closing five circuits. Sitterly recognized the efforts put in by the No. 2 team so far this season and also noted just how tough the competition has been lately. However, he is still very confident in the equipment coming out of the No. 7 shop.


"We had to work for it, DJ (Shullick) has a really good ride and he's a good driver for sure," Sitterly added. "It seems like hopping from seat to seat hasn't done me much good lately, so we are learning this car and we still have to learn because it went away tonight and I was hanging on for everything I was worth at the end, but this is definitely a really good piece. I'm surrounded by such great people and I'm just lucky to be able to drive these things and know that all these guys are my friends."


With the huge victory, Sitterly expands his point lead even further over Shampine and Barnes heading into next weekend's C's Beverage 'Summer Championship' set to take place Saturday, July 14. The $10,000 to win Mr. Novelis Supermodified event will commence a week later on Saturday, July 21.


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Oswego Speedway

Oswego, NY

Helena Agri-Enterprises Night

July 7, 2018 


Feature (50-laps): 1. 7 OTTO SITTERLY, 2. 2 Dave Shullick Jr, 3. 68 Michael Barnes, 4. 55 Keith Shampine, 5. 02 Brandon Bellinger, 6. 01 Dan Connors Jr, 7. 98T Tyler Thompson®, 8. 83 Lou LeVea Jr, 9. 52 Dave Danzer, 10. 71 Bill Sharkey, 11. 66 Lou LeVea Sr, 12. 94 Logan Rayvals, 13. 11 Aric Iosue, 14. 0 Brent Murray®, 15. 26 Nathan Schultzkie®, 16. 1 Jeff West, 17. 4 Roger Clark 


Heat 1 (12-laps): 1. 68 Michael Barnes, 2. 11 Aric Iosue, 3. 83 Lou LeVea Jr, 4. 94 Logan Rayvals, 5. 71 Bill Sharkey, 6. 66 Lou LeVea Sr. 


Heat 2 (12-laps): 1. 7 Otto Sitterly, 2. 01 Dan Connors Jr, 3. 02 Brandon Bellinger, 4. 98T Tyler Thompson®, 5. 0 Brent Murray®, 6. 4 Roger Clark 


Heat 3 (12-laps): 1. 52 Dave Danzer, 2. 55 Keith Shampine, 3. 2 Dave Shullick Jr, 4. 1 Jeff West, 5. 26 Nathan Schultzkie® 


Group Time Trials: 1. 2 Dave Shullick Jr. 16.052, 2. 7 Otto Sitterly - 16.123, 3. 68 Michael Barnes - 16.245, 4. 55 Keith Shampine - 16.292, 5. 02 Brandon Bellinger - 16.343, 6. 11 Aric Iosue - 16.353, 7. 52 Dave Danzer - 16.419, 8. 98T Tyler Thompson®- 16.556, 9. 83 Lou LeVea Jr. - 16.676, 10. 1 Jeff West - 16.812, 11. 01 Dan Connors Jr. - 16.819, 12. 94 Logan Rayvals - 17.016, 13. 71 Bill Sharkey - 17.212, 14. 0 Brent Murray®- 17.294, 15. 26 Nathan Schultzkie®- 17.572, 16. 66 Lou LeVea Sr. - 17.802, 17. 4 Roger Clark - NT. 


D&S Landscaping Hard Charger - #7 Otto Sitterly


Lighthouse Lanes Up and Comer - #01 Dan Connors Jr.

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