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OSWEGO, NY (May 16, 2018) - Just over a week from Opening Day, Oswego Speedway officials have released the handicapping procedure for the inaugural running of the Jim Shampine Memorial Twin 50’s for the Supermodifieds scheduled for next Saturday, May 26.

‘Twin’ feature events have a rich history at the ‘Steel Palace’ and the duel 50-lappers set for next weekend will mark the first ever event of its kind at Oswego since 1972.

The Twins began in 1970 as 50-lappers and remained as such through the ‘72 season before Triple 33’s and Twin 30’s were added to the schedule in 1973.

By 1975, the traditional Twin 35’s had taken over and were contested at least once a year until the completion of the 1998 season. The twins did not return in any form for 1999.

In 2002, the twins were back again, this time in 30-lap form and remained on the schedule until 2005.

For 2006 and 2007, once again, no twin shows were held, but the first ever edition of the ‘Twin 45’s’ got the green flag in 2008 just before the track returned with Twin 30’s only a mere handful of weeks later in August of that season.

2009 and 2010 each saw twin events on the schedule with Twin 30’s in ‘09 and then the return of the 45’s in 2010.

The Twin 30's were back a final time in June of 2011.

For two more years, the twins were not included on the schedule although a ‘Twin 50’ race was held in June of 2013 to makeup for a rained out feature earlier in the season.

By June of 2014, finally, the Twin 35’s had returned and remained intact on the speedway’s schedule for the past four seasons.

With Twin 50’s scheduled for May 26 and Twin 35’s on June 16, the 2018 schedule will mark the first time since ‘08 that two separate twin events have been contested in one season at Oswego Speedway.

It’s only fitting that the first Twin 50 show since 1972 receives the ‘Shampine’ name on its back, as the ‘8-Ball’ was dominant throughout twin events in Shampine’s career with 17 total twin victories.

The handicapping and race procedure for this year’s Twin 50’s is brand new and sure to excite Oswego fans and teams.

Oswego commitment cars will be guaranteed $1,400 minimum for the event while non-commitment cars will be guaranteed $1,100 minimum.

For both Twin 50’s, all cars must run the same three stenciled right front, left rear, and right rear tires for time trials, the heat race, and both feature events.

If you have a damaged tire, you must use a previously run tire and start last in both main events.

The handicapping procedure will begin just like any other race night on Oswego Speedway’s 2018 schedule.

All cars will time trial in open pit format for 15 minutes. Points will be awarded 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Heats will be inverted 18-24 based on car count.

The top four finishers in each heat will receive their time back. Fast time will draw one number from 1-12 and race directors will invert that number drawn for the first Twin 50.

For the second twin, the lineup will be based on the starting position of the first feature. Finishing positions 1-6 in the first feature will start 7-12 in the second feature. The winner of the first Twin 50 will start 12th and 6th place will start 7th.

Finishing positions 7-12 in the first feature will redraw positions 1-6 for the second feature. All six cars will draw for their positions.

13th place in the first feature will start 13th in the second feature with the remaining first feature finishers starting in their same position for the second feature. The winner of the second feature will start no better than 12th at the next event they attend.

The new handicapping procedure makes it just as good as“anyone’s guess” as to who will find victory lane in Jim Shampine’s honor next weekend.

Oswego Speedway’s 68th season opens this Saturday, May 19 with the track’s annual open practice session set from 1-5pm. Grandstand admission will be FREE to the public.

Racing action at Oswego Speedway begins on Saturday, May 26 with Holiday Inn Express ‘Opening Day’ highlighted by the Jim Shampine Memorial Twin 50’s for the Novelis Supermodifieds along with the Tony White Memorial 35 for the Pathfinder Bank SBS. To purchase tickets, please call the box office at (315)-342-0646.

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About Oswego Speedway: Oswego Speedway, a sports entertainment company, is a 5/8 mile semi-banked pavement racing oval located off the shores of Lake Ontario in scenic Oswego, NY. Oswego Speedway has been a continuously run weekly racing venue since August, 1951. The premier open-wheel pavement short track cars in the world, Supermodifieds, run weekly at Oswego Speedway making Oswego the only weekly Supermodified racing venue in the world. The Small Block Supermodifieds accompany the full blown Supers on a weekly Saturday night schedule which runs from May through September. Oswego Speedway is mentioned in racing circles as the “Indy of the East,” as no fewer than a dozen past and present competitors have competed at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway including Mario Andretti, arguably the greatest driver of all time, two-time Indy 500 champion Gordon Johncock, along with former International Classic Champions Bentley Warren, Joe Gosek, and Davey Hamilton.


All-Time Oswego Speedway ‘Twin’ Event History:


May 1970 (Twin 50’s): Jim Shampine - Both

May 1971 (Twin 50’s): Jim Shampine, Nolan Swift

May 1972 (Twin 50’s): Baldy Baker, Fred Graves

May 1973 (Triple 33’s): Jim Shampine – All 3

July 1973 (Twin 30’s): Baldy Baker,  Bobby Stelter

May 1974 (Triple 33’s): Jim Shampine – All 3

June 1975 (Twin 30’s): Jim Shampine - Both

July 1975 (Twin 30’s): Kempton Dates, Gary Allbritain

June 1976 (Twin 35’s): Fred Graves – Both

July 1976 (Twin 35’s): Fred Graves, Ron Wallace

June 1977 (Twin 35’s): Warren Coniam, Kempton Dates

July 1977 (Twin 35’s): Kempton Dates – Both

June 1978 (Twin 35’s): Jim Shampine – Both

July 1978 (Twin 35’s): Jim Shampine – Both

June 1979 (Twin 35’s): Steve Gioia Jr, Jim Shampine

July 1979 (Twin 35’s): Jim Shampine, Chuck Ciprich

June 1980 (Twin 35’s): Warren Coniam, Steve Gioia Jr.

July 1980 (Twin 35’s): Warren Coniam, Doug Heveron

June 1981 (Twin 35’s): Doug Heveron – Both

July 1981 (Twin 35’s): Doug Heveron, Steve Gioia Jr.

June 1982 (Twin 35’s): Doug Heveron, Brian Herb

July 1982 (Twin 35’s): Doug Heveron, Mike McLaughlin

June 1983 (Twin 35’s): Warren Coniam, Steve Gioia Jr.

July 1983 (Twin 35’s): Eddie Bellinger Jr. – Both

June 1984 (Twin 35’s): Bentley Warren – Both

July 1984 (Twin 35’s): – Steve Gioia Jr, Dean Hoag

July 1985 (Twin 35’s): Eddie Bellinger Jr, Steve Gioia Jr.

August 1985 (Twin 35’s): Bentley Warren – Both

June 1986 (Twin 35’s): Joe Gosek, Steve Gioia Jr.

August 1986 (Twin 35’s): Bentley Warren – Both

June 1987 (Twin 35’s): Doug Heveron – Both

August 1987 (Twin 35’s): Gary Morton, Bentley Warren

August 1988 (Twin 35’s): Mike Ordway – Both

August 1989 (Twin 35’s): Bentley Warren, Eddie Bellinger Jr.

June 1990 (Twin 35’s): Eddie Bellinger Jr, Steve Gioia Jr.

August 1990 (Twin 35’s): Doug Didero, Joe Gosek

June 1991 (Twin 35’s): Joe Gosek, Mike Ordway

August 1991 (Twin 35’s): Mike Ordway, Pat Abold

June 1992 (Twin 35’s): Pat Abold – Both

August 1992 (Twin 35’s): Pat Abold – Both

June 1993 (Twin 35’s): Russ Wood, Bentley Warren

August 1993 (Twin 35’s): Steve Gioia Jr, Dave McKnight

June 1994 (Twin 35’s):  Pat Abold, Russ Wood

August 1994 (Twin 35’s): Eddie Bellinger Jr., Doug Didero

June 1995 (Twin 35’s): Mike Muldoon – Both

August 1995 (Twin 35’s): Doug Didero – Both

June 1996 (Twin 35’s): Doug Didero, Mike Muldoon

August 1996 (Twin 35’s): Doug Didero, Pat Abold

June 1997 (Twin 35’s): Howard Page, Mike Muldoon

August 1997 (Twin 35’s): Pat Abold, Doug Didero

June 1998 (Twin 35’s): Mike Muldoon, Greg Furlong

August 2002 (Twin 30’s): Tim Gareau, Jeff Holbrook

August 2003 (Twin 30’s): Tim Snyder – Both

June 2004 (Twin 30’s): Tim Snyder, Gary Morton

August 2004 (Twin 30’s): Greg Furlong – Both

June 2005 (Twin 30’s): Greg Furlong – Both

August 2005 (Twin 30’s): Greg Furlong, Bob Goutermout

August 2008 (Twin 45’s): Tim Snyder, Craig Rayvals

August 2008 (Twin 30’s): Jerry Curran, Bobby Magner

August 2009 (Twin 30’s): Joe Gosek, Tim Snyder

July 2010 (Twin 45’s): Ray Graham, Jeff Holbrook

June 2011 (Twin 30's): Dave McKnight, Bobby Bond

June 2013 (Twin 50’s): Pat Lavery, Kody Graham

June 2014 (Twin 35’s): Randy Ritskes, Michael Barnes

June 2015 (Twin 35’s): Otto Sitterly, Michael Muldoon/Sitterly - Dead Heat

June 2016 (Twin 35’s): Dave Danzer, Jeff Abold

June 2017 (Twin 35’s): Keith Shampine, Dave Shullick Jr.


All-Time Oswego ‘Twin’ Event Wins List:


  1. Jim Shampine - 17

  2. Steve Gioia Jr - 9

  3. Bentley Warren - 9

  4. Doug Heveron - 8

  5. Pat Abold - 8

  6. Eddie Bellinger Jr - 6

  7. Doug Didero - 6

  8. Greg Furlong - 6  

  9. Tim Snyder - 5

  10. Fred Graves - 4

  11. Kempton Dates - 4

  12. Warren Coniam - 4

  13. Joe Gosek - 4

  14. Mike Ordway Sr - 4

  15. Mike Muldoon Sr. - 4

  16. Baldy Baker - 2

  17. Gary Morton -2  

  18. Russ Wood - 2

  19. Dave McKnight - 2

  20. Jeff Holbrook - 2

  21. Otto Sitterly - 2*

  22. Nolan Swift - 1

  23. Bobby Stelter - 1

  24. Gary Allbritain - 1

  25. Ronnie Wallace - 1

  26. Chuck Ciprich - 1

  27. Brian Herb - 1

  28. Mike McLaughlin - 1

  29. Dean Hoag - 1

  30. Howard Page - 1

  31. Tim Gareau - 1

  32. Bob Goutermout - 1

  33. Craig Ryavals - 1

  34. Jerry Curran - 1

  35. Bobby Magner - 1

  36. Ray Graham - 1

  37. Pat Lavery -  1

  38. Bobby Bond - 1

  39. Kody Graham - 1

  40. Randy Ritskes - 1

  41. Michael Barnes - 1

  42. Michael Muldoon - 1*

  43. Dave Danzer - 1

  44. Jeff Abold - 1

  45. Keith Shampine - 1

  46. Dave Shullick Jr. - 1

*Denotes Dead Heat Finish


All-Time Oswego Speedway Jim Shampine Memorial Champions:


1991 - Bentley Warren
1992 - Doug Didero
1993 - Pat Abold
1994 - Cliff Graves
1995 - Ed Bellinger Jr.
1996 - Doug Didero
1997 - Doug Didero
1998 - Ed Bellinger Jr.
1999 - Bob Goutermout
2000 - Greg Furlong
2001 - Mike Ordway
2002 - Mike Ordway
2003 - RAIN
2004 - Craig Rayvals
2005 - Greg Furlong
2006 - Otto Sitterly
2007 - Randy Ritskes
2008 - Greg Furlong
2009 - Otto Sitterly
2010 - Otto SItterly
2011 - Randy Ritskes
2012 - Otto Sitterly
2013 - Otto Sitterly
2014 - Otto Sitterly
2015 - Otto Sitterly
2016 - Dave Danzer
2017 - Keith Shampine

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