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Friday, April 20, 2018

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OSWEGO, NY - Bryan Sherwood of Binghamton, N.Y., made a clean sweep at the Oswego Speedway on Saturday afternoon en route to picking up his first career win in the Race of Champions Modified series.  Sherwood set fast time, won his heat before dominating the 61-lap Richie Evans Memorial.
“I have to thank everyone for their time, effort and support,” stated Sherwood from Race of Champions Modified Series victory lane fueled by Sunoco. “It was a big day for us and when you have a day like this, you can’t let it get it away from you. Those last few laps were really nerve racking but we closed the deal. This is just incredible.”
For the feature, Sherwood started on the pole with Daryl Lewis alongside. Lewis inched past Sherwood at the start finish line to actually register on the scoring system as the leader of the first lap. The pair ran one two during the opening stages as everyone settled in and conserved their equipment for later in the race.  At times Sherwood opened up a healthy advantage over Lewis.
Sherwood held the lead before the first caution came on lap 23 as Karl Hehr slowed on the backstretch with mechanical issues.  This brought the first restart of the race.  Sherwood stayed in front while Lewis got a good restart to stay second.
On lap 24 another caution was needed as Kirk Totten got the wall on the inside of turns three and four.  Sherwood kept pace at the front, but Lewis didn't get a great restart which saw him drop out of the top five.  As Lewis dropped, Mike Leaty emerged as a contender.  Leaty worked Sherwood before falling in line in second.
The pace of the feature was slowed one final time on lap 39.  Sherwood chose the bottom for the restart with Leaty now to the outside.  Like he'd done all day, Sherwood stayed the course in front while Tyler Rypkema now moved into second.
Rypkema began applying heavy pressure to Sherwood as he looked for a way by.  Although he had a slightly faster car, he just couldn't find a clear path to get by Sherwood as he maintained his lane on the bottom.
As they raced for the lead, Andy Jankowiak, Patrick Emerling and Tommy Catalano had a stellar battle going for third.  The duo were working over one another hard as they each looked to gain an advantage.
With less than 10 to go, Rypkema bobbled getting into the first turn.  He made slight contact with Sherwood.  He hit the brakes to prevent himself from getting into the leader which shot him up the track.  This opened the door for Jankowiak, Emerling and Catalano to move on by.
In the closing stages Sherwood drove away as Jankowiak had his hands full with hard pressing Emerling.  Emerling worked him over to no avail.  At the checkered flag it was Sherwood claiming his first ever series victory.
Jankowiak, the opening round winner at Lancaster Speedway, finished in second while Emerling ended up third.  Catalano got his best finish in the Series and Modified division as he finished fourth. Rypkema held on to finish in fifth.
Sherwood set the fastest time in qualifying and won a qualifying race while George Skora of Eden, N.Y., won the second qualifying race.
The Race of Champions is a sanctioning body presenting Modified and Stock Car racing on asphalt and dirt surfaces throughout the Northeast, with events in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The 67th annual Race of Champions weekend will take place in 2017 at Lake Erie Speedway in North East, Pennsylvania  and is the second longest consecutive auto-racing event in North America, second only to the Indianapolis 500.
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Feature Finish
Richie Evans Memorial ‘61’
Oswego Speedway, Oswego, NY.
Finishing Position, Car Number, Driver, Laps Completed, Reason Out (If Any)
Pos           No.           Name       Laps
1              95            Bryan Sherwood       61
2              12x          Andy Jankowiak        61
3              07            Patrick Emerling       61
4              54            Tommy Catalano      61
5              32            Tyler Rypkema         61
6              71            Jimmy Zacharias       61
7              65            George Skora           61
8              25            Mike Leaty               61
9              3              Daren Scherer          61
10            10            Daryl Lewis              61
11            1              Chris Ridsdale          61
12            40            Tommy Rought         60
13            64            Amy Catalano           38
14            11            Kirk Totten                23
15            59            Karl Hehr                 19
16            04            Kreig Heroth            10
Time of Race: 35 minutes 26 seconds              Average Speed 82.389 mph
Margin of victory: 0.453 seconds       Fast Qualifying Lap: Bryan Sherwood / 17.832 seconds @ 126.380 mph
Lead Changes: 1 among 2 drivers (Daryl Lewis Lap 1, Bryan Sherwood 2-61)
Qualifying Race Results:
Qualifying Race 1
Pos           No.           Name
1              95            Bryan Sherwood
2              25            Mike Leaty
3              07            Patrick Emerling
4              71            Jimmy Zacharias
5              54            Tommy Catalano
6              3              Daren Scherer
7              12x          Andy Jankowiak
8              4              Kreig Heroth
Qualifying Race 2                                    
Pos           No.           Name
1              65            George Skora
2              10            Daryl Lewis
3              32            Tyler Rypkema
4              64            Amy Catalano
5              59            Karl Hehr
6              11            Kirk Totten
7              1              Chris Ridsdale
8              40            Tommy Rought                                        
Point Standings following Oswego Speedway (Including Fastest Qualifying Time and Qualifying Race Bonus) 05/13/2017:
Pos           No.           Name                       Total
1              12x          Andy Jankowiak        205
2              07            Patrick Emerling       188
3              95            Bryan Sherwood       183
4              65            George Skora           179
5              32            Tyler Rypkema         153
6              54            Tommy Catalano      142
7              3              Daren Scherer          141
8              25            Mike Leaty               134
9              10            Daryl Lewis              118
10            64            Amy Catalano           111
11            11            Kirk Totten                               108
12            59            Karl Hehr                 100
13            22            Chuck Hossfeld         83
14            71            Jimmy Zacharias       72
15            01            Cam Barber              69
16            51            TJ Potrzebowski       66
17            7ny          Kevin Miller             60
18            1              Chris Ridsdale          58
19            40            Tommy Rought         56
20            40            Alan Bookmiller       54
21            04            Kreig Heroth            48
22            25r           John Ramsay            20


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