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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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OSWEGO, NY (August 18, 2014) – Under Sunday sunlight as opposed to Saturday starlight, Kreig Heroth and Mike Bruce drove to Pathfinder Bank Small Block Super Twin 20 main event wins Sunday at Oswego Speedway presented by Oswego County Federal Credit Union and Bosco’s Famous Italian Sausage.

Heroth started on pole in the first Twin 20 main leading all 20-laps, while Bruce started third in the second Twin feature, avoiding a last lap jingle between leaders Jon Tesoriero and Camden Proud to claim the win.

For Heroth the victory is his sixth career Pathfinder Bank Small Block Super triumph, while Bruce’s win was his third career main event victory and third of 2014, leading all SBS drivers this season.

Andrew Schartner, Danny Abt, Anthony Losurdo, and JJ Andrews chased Heroth to the line as the front five in the first Twin 20 main with Proud, Jason Simmons, Tesoriero, Jack Patrick, and Dave Cliff completing the top ten.

Schartner would claim another runner-up in Twin #2 ahead of Patrick, Abt, and Josh Kerr in the top five.  Barry Kingsley, Simmons, Andrews, Heroth, and Jesse Bearup finished the top ten.

Heroth and two-time feature winner Losurdo led the first Twin main to green on Sunday, with Heroth jumping out front in the Won4Racing No. 04.

Schartner, who started third, managed to slide into the runner-up spot from the get-go with Losurdo sliding back to fourth on the outside behind Abt.

The field ran in a tight line approaching halfway of the 20-lap main with Heroth leading Schartner, Abt, Losurdo, Andrews, Kerr, Proud, Simmons, Tesoriero, and Bruce.

On lap 10, Proud was able to work by Kerr to move into sixth as the young 15-year old tried to work his way into the top five.  The Proud No. 54 showed speed all day, winning his first career qualifying heat earlier in the afternoon, with a lap of 18.8-seconds.

With Heroth appearing well on his way to victory, a late race caution bunched up the field one more time.  However, Heroth proved to be too strong, jumping away from the field and crossing the line for his first main event win of 2014 ahead of Schartner, Abt, Losurdo, and Andrews.

A charging Dave Cliff was declared the D&S Landscaping Hard Charger in Twin #1, while Proud would be the Nice Price Auto Sales Up and Comer.

The White’s Car Care 4th Place Finisher was Losurdo, with Heroth leading all 20-laps as the Sherwood Racing Wheels Lap Leader.

SBS Twin #2 pitted Tesoriero and Proud on row one, with Tesoriero leaping to the race lead in the No. 47.

A race winner already this season, Tesoriero quickly settled into a rhythm in front with Proud, Bruce, Schartner, Patrick, and Abt joining in behind.

Again, working in single file formation leading to halfway, Bruce was the driver trying to make the high side work in the No. 22, but was unable to make it stick.  The two-time main event winner would have to continually settle back in behind race leaders Tesoriero and Proud.

With five laps remaining, Proud came alive, now looking to the low side of the race leader in the third corner.  After trying in consecutive laps, Tesoriero appeared to have the race in hand.

As the field came into the first corner on the final lap, Proud and Tesoriero would make contact, sending the two cars spinning into the first corner along with Bruce and Schartner running behind.

Bruce and Schartner were given their positions back on the Speedway for the restart with Bruce inheriting the lead over Schartner, Patrick, Abt, and Kerr.

With a green, white, checkered finish in sight, Bruce was able to pull away from Schartner for the win, his third of the season.

With a top five finish, Kerr was the Nice Price Auto Sales Up and Comer, while Greg O’Connor was awarded the D&S Landscaping Hard Charger award.

Abt would be the White’s Car Care 4th Place Finisher while long-time race leader Tesoriero was awarded as the Sherwood Racing Wheels Lap Leader.

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Oswego Speedway
Oswego, NY
Saturday, August 16th, 2014

Pathfinder Bank SBS Twin 20's - Novelis Supermodified 50
presented by Oswego County Federal Credit Union and Bosco's Famous Italian Sausage


Pathfinder Bank SBS Twin #2 (20-laps): 1. 22 - Mike Bruce, 2. 18 - Andrew Schartner, 3. 9 - Jack Patrick, 4. 57 - Dan Abt, 5. 8 - Josh Kerr, 6. 91 - Barry Kingsley, 7. 98 - Jason Simmons, 8. 93 - JJ Andrews, 9. 04 - Kreig Heroth, 10. 02 - Jesse Bearup, 11. 1 - Anthony Losurdo, 12. 27 - David LaTulip, 13. 2 - Matt Magner, 14. 90 - Greg O'Connor, 15. 21 - Rob Pullen, 16. 01 - Dalton Doyle, 17. 54 - Camden Proud, 18. 47 - Jon Tesoriero, 19. 67 - Dave Cliff, 20. 87 - Tim Barbeau

D&S Landscaping Hard Charger: #90 - Greg O'Connor

Nice Price Auto Sales Up & Comer: #8 - Josh Kerr

Sherwood Racing Wheels Lap Leader: #47 - Jon Tesoriero

White's Car Care 4th Place Award: #57 - Dan Abt

Heat #1 (10-laps, all qualify): 1. 47 - Jon Tesoriero, 2. 57 - Dan Abt, 3. 9 - Jack Patrtick, 4. 91 - Barry Kingsley, 5. 02 - Jesse Bearup, 6. 2 - Matt Magner, 7. 67 - Dave Cliff

Heat #2 (10-laps, all qualify): 1. 54 - Camden Proud, 2. 8 - Josh Kerr, 3. 98 - Jason Simmons, 4. 1 - Anthony Losurdo, 5. 27 - David LaTulip, 6. 74 - Mike Bond, 7. 90 - Greg O'Connor

Heat #3 (10-laps, all qualify): 1. 22 - Mike Bruce, 2. 18 - Andrew Schartner, 3. 04 - Kreig Heroth, 4. 93 - JJ Andrews, 5. 01 - Dalton Doyle, 6. 21 - Rob Pullen, 7. 87 - Tim Barbeau

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