Saturday, May 26, 2012
Rowe Streaks to Tony White Memorial Triumph
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OSWEGO, NY (May 27) - After claiming a rain shortened event in 2011 for his first career win at Oswego Speedway, Cameron Rowe this time used extra laps to make his return trip to Chris Nelson Insurance Victory lane as a part of Mitchell’s Speedway Press Night.

Driving an FFB chassis, which the late Tony White helped to initially create, Rowe led 34 of the 35 laps on his way to victory.

“I feel awesome,” exclaimed an emotional Rowe in victory lane.  “To win in honor of Tony, such a great guy.  I just can’t believe I’m here right now.  No holds barred, we did it all ourselves this time.”

Rowe held off several advances late in the race from two of the best in the business in Mike Bond and Andrew Schartner.

“I was nervous,” said Rowe.  “It is great to race with those guys, and yeah we started in front of them, but we beat them tonight.”

Tim Barbeau, Kreig Heroth, Mike Bruce, JJ Andrews, Jason Simmons, Chris Proud, and Dalton Doyle would fill the Top 10 spots.

The Pathfinder Bank SBS Series main event saw Bryan Haynes and Dennis Rupert lead the field to the stripe with two first lap jingles slowing the early progression of the event.  The first of which saw opening night podium finishers Jack Patrick and Mark Castiglia tangle in a five car incident in turn one.  Patrick made hard contact with the first turn foam, and both would be done for the night.

Eventually the race would gain some momentum with Haynes again snagging in initial lead, but after just one circuit Rowe blasted on past Haynes for the top spot and immediately began to pull away from the field.

Defending Speedway champion Bond, who broke a rear panhard bar on opening night, made quick work of the field to get to the second position by lap 3 after starting back in the 5th position.

With Rowe and Bond in command of the field, the main battle on the track was being waged between Bruce and Simmons for the 3rd spot.  Simmons continuously tried Bruce on the high side of the Speedway with no success.

Eventually the high side bit Simmons allowing Schartner, who started all the way back in 14th, Barbeau, Heroth, and Andrews all to slip underneath him.

With that tight battle going on for 3rd on back, it looked as though Rowe would go on uncontested over Bond for his second career win.  However, a lap 26 caution for debris in turn one brought out the caution flag, giving Bond one last shot at the race leader.

With the field bunched up Rowe, Bond, Schartner, Bruce, Barbeau, Heroth, Andrews, Simmons, Proud, and Dave LaTulip filed under the green flag as the Top 10 runners.

Again, as he had done all night, Rowe would charge to a comfortable race lead over the field and speed away under the checkered flag for the Tony White Memorial win, the second victory of his career.

In the late stages Barbeau managed to slip past Bruce for the 4th position.

Despite not visiting victory lane for another time, Bond was happy with the runner-up finish.

“The car got tighter on those longer runs,” said Bond.  “The way things started, this is pretty good.  Hopefully the car stayed together.  The car was loose and then right, but we’ll adjust on it and try again next week.”

Schartner, who made yet another trip from Charlotte, NC to race at Oswego Speedway, passed several cars on his way to a third place run.

“I had to do it; we just didn’t have anything all night long getting off the corner and we we’re really loose,” said Schartner.  “We tried some stuff in the heat and we demonstrated how well that worked.  We made some big adjustments and got it close, and actually the contact I made with the No. 47 under caution on the front straight when he stalled, helped the car.”

Schartner hopes to be able to come back to the Speedway Saturday night for Best Western/Quality Inn Night at the Races.

“It has been fun.  I get that feeling to come up here and be home,” said Schartner.  “We’re waiting to see if I am going to make it next weekend, I don’t have a place ticket.  We’re going to wait and check out the weather and see how it goes.”

Saturday, May 26th, 2012
Oswego Speedway
Oswego, NY
Mitchell’s Speedway Press Memorial Day Weekend Tripleheader

Saturday, June 2nd – Best Western Plus Captain’s Quarters/Quality Inn & Suites Riverfront Night
Novelis Supermodified 50 – Pathfinder Bank SBS 35

Tony White Memorial Feature (35-laps):
1. 77 - Cameron Rowe, 2. 26 - Mike Bond, 3. 18 - Andrew Schartner, 4. 79 - Tim Barbeau, 5. 04 - Kreig Heroth, 6. 2 - Mike Bruce, 7. 93 - JJ Andrews, 8. 98 - Jason Simmons, 9. 3 - Chris Proud, 10. 01 - Dalton Doyle, 11. 11 - John Ketcham, 12. 8 - Josh Kerr, 13. 47 - Josh Tesoriero, 14. 17 - David Latulip, 15. 87 - Bryan Haynes, 16. 27 - Nate Sitterly, 17. 99 - Dennis Rupert,  18. 34 - Will Haddock, 19. 95 - Lou LeVea Jr., 20. 2 – Rob Pullen, 21. 24 – AJ Bernys, 22. 9 – Jack Patrick, 23. 88 – Brad Haynes, 24. 69 – Mark Castiglia

1st Heat (10laps): 1. 77 - Cameron Rowe, 2. 04 – Kreig Heroth, 3. 22 – Mike Bruce, 4. 87 - Bryan Haynes, 5. 17 - David LaTulip, 6. 01 – Dalton Dole, 7. 95 – Lou LeVea Jr., 8. 9 – Jack Patrick

2ndHeat (10laps): 1. 99 – Dennis Rupert, 2. 27 - Nate Sitterly, 3. 79 - Tim Barbeau, 4. 93 – JJ Andrews, 5. 18 – Andrew Schartner, 6. 11 – John Ketcham, 7. 47 - Jon Tesoriero, 8. 88 – Brad Haynes

3rd Heat (10laps): 1. 26 – Mike Bond, 2. 98 – Jason Simmons, 3. 2 – Rob Pullen, 4. 3 – Chris Proud, 5. 24 – AJ Bernys, 6. 34 – Will Hadcock,7.  8 – Josh Kerr, 8. 69 – Mark Castiglia