Wednesday, May 18, 2011
We try again to get the open practice in at Oswego Speedway
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Everyone is anxious to get some track time, as opening day is now only a week away. There were a handful of cars from both the supermodified and SBS divisions in the pits Saturday, trying to wait out Mother Nature.  Here’s hoping this weekend goes off without a hitch, and the teams get some much needed track time before the big Memorial Day Weekend shows go off.  Part of the Memorial Day Weekend shows this year, are the Hall of Fame inductions from 2010.  Jamie Moore, Tony Osetek, Bruce Lee, Norris McDonald and Jim Liccardi are the very worthy entrants in the Class of 2010 in the Oswego Speedway Hall of Fame.

Jamie Moore gets the nod in the driver category.  Jamie was a fixture in the Oswego pits in his late teens, most notable helping out fellow Auburn native Darrell Peckham.  Jamie had the chance to get behind the wheel of a super for the first time in the late 70’s.  Jamie wheeled the “Sopwith Roadster” #44 to some of its best runs early in his career.  In a consi event, during the Port City show in 1980. Jamie did a highflying act on the front straightaway in the 44, destroying the “Sopwith Roadster”.  That car was never seen again.  While that car met its end, Jamie moved up with rides in the Tobin 21, Magari 10, Aronek 26, Rogers 5 car, as well as rides in the Mike Muldoon car, Skip Matczak, Bruce Budnick and eventually the original radical offset, the Shampine 8 ball.  Jamie picked up his first career feature win in the Aronek 26 in 1988.  He followed that with wins in his new toy, the reworked Shampine offset car.  Jamie sits in 7th in all time Oswego points, and 14th in all time Classic points, proving his excellence.  Jamie Moore was a top contender every week he strapped into a supermodified.  He was as consistent as they came, and always at the front of the pack.

Tony Osetek was one of the most prominent car owners at Oswego Speedway in the 80’s and 90’s.  Tony took control of the 00, and put long time Gioia crewmember and friend, Joe Gosek behind the wheel.  Joe received a try out in the Gioia 99, and Tony thought enough of Joe and his audition, to make Joe his full time driver.  The rest, they say, is history.  Point titles, ISMA titles, and many feature wins would be accumulated by the Osetek-Gosek duo through the 80s’s.  Tony has won the Car Owner of the Year, multiple Gater Best Appearing Car and Crew awards, but the strength of the 00 team was on track.  Week in and week out the Osetek 00 was the car to beat each week.  Tony is still around the speedway on a weekly basis, whether it be helping out in the pit area or on one of the safety trucks.  Tony Osetek goes into the Oswego Speedway Hall of Fame, as the first Oswegonian as a car owner.

Bruce Lee has seen Oswego Speedway from many angles as an official.  Bruce has been one of the few starters in the history of Oswego Speedway. That was one of his most recent jobs.  Corner man, check.  Bruce patrolled the fourth corner of the speedway for a number of years.  The fourth corner man sees many spectacular accidents, and Bruce was thrust into action more than a few times in four.  Bruce was on the safety crew for a decade and a half.   Before those jobs, Bruce helped out one of his Red Creek friends, Kempton Dates on the 28 supermodified.  Bruce always has, and always is, ready to go when called, and does so with a smile. It’s dedication like that, which makes Oswego Speedway the race place it is.

Norris McDonald, like Bruce, has seen the speedway from more than a few vantage points.  Norris tried his hand at driving a supermodified.  He found out that wasn’t for him, so he stayed in the game, and became a car owner.  Norris, being the intelligent person he is, realized the best way to make a small fortune in racing is to start with a big fortune, gave up the owner role.  He found his calling shortly after as an infield announcer at Oswego.  Norris is a larger than life figure, and can describe anything, to make it exciting.  Norris made famous the Classic walkthrough.  Norris loves Oswego Speedway with all his heart, and planned on going to Indy for the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 this weekend.  The only thing to keep him from that prestigious event is entrance into the Oswego Speedway hall of fame.  It will be a special afternoon for the Toronto native.

Jim Liccardi is one of the hardest working individuals, on the grandstand aside of the speedway.  Back in the formative years of  the Eagles Fan Club, Jim was one of the first charters members.  Currently, Jim and Hall of Famer Jim Ferlito currently organize and carry out the Old Timers reunion, a popular gathering for teams, driver and fans alike to recollect  the older days of Oswego Speedway.  Jim also sets up his table each week to sell Classic laps, Memorial Bricks, and helps out with Cleaning for a Reason.  Jim is one of  the biggest fans of Oswego Speedway, and is always there to lend a helping hand.  

The Class of 2011 is quite a special one, with Jamie Moore, Tony Osetek, Bruce Lee, Norris McDonald and Jim Liccardi all gaining
entrance to the Oswego Speedway Hall of Fame.